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NETLESS3 workshop, Athens

Workshop took place at Frown, Athens -
Photo log -

Following firmware was run on TP-Link MR3020:

Data collected on netless node devices. It contains username, message and time at which two nodes interconnected. Since the devices don't keep real time, the represented time is relative to the moment when device was powered on (seconds from boot). In both attempts the devices' time was (more or less) synced by powering-on all 10 devices at the same moment.

To convert relative time we first need to turn the time at which devices were power on into unix time stamp:

date --date="Wed May 22 19:32:02 EEST 2013" +%s
(prints "1369240322")

Then add seconds value to this timestamp and convert back to usual time format:

cat alex-log1.csv | sed "s/,\([0-9]\)/;\1/" | awk 'BEGIN { FS = ";"} { print "alex;"$1";"strftime("%F %T", $2+1369240322) }'

This is what we get:

(original data from a node:)
netless power,1938

(converted data:)
alex;netless power;2013-05-22 20:08:35

collected data

walk #1

walk #2

walk #2 visualization

The previous files contains also data from GPS devices. Merging GPS data with the data from netless node devices, a video visualizing our second walk was created:

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